Other Wireline Accessories
Here you will find the identification information you need to submit a request for pricing and availability for International Equipment's other wireline accessories.
Part # Model
PF 095 Pressurized logging cabin filter fan
95095-01 Replaceable Micron foam filter element
95095-02 Case filter elements (12 per case)
SL 026 Slip rings (4 conductor)
CR 1100 Coleman roughneck Air Conditioner unit (wheatstrip)
DO 0117 Onan Diesel DJB 6KW generator
BEI 096-01 Encoder
QR 004 Quartz Rig lights 500 watts
SS 0001 Safety signs triangle 14" x 14"
CH 010 Cabin water heater (25,000 btu)
OB 100 Odometer box with line speed and depth
LW 050 Line wiper with chain

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